Joan Of Arc
  WM 2006

   Charlie Rowin
   Bekannter Eisleben
   Liebe und Romantik

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I know that you want to save me,
but I think it is the right time to tell me now!
I don't want no more lies,
I don't want a shallow laughter anymore,
I don't want to seem me as being happy.
You will destruct me at first, but I know that
it is better than to hide.
You will fill me with pain,
but it is better than pretending
the good my lifetime.

You gonna destruct me.

Cutting the blade deep into my flesh,
The blood runs down my body.
Tickling the heart with the needle stuck in,
You get me more and more bloody.
Ramming the sword deep in my soul,
And you hurt me without feeling
Making the razor part of my belly,
And turning me off breathing.
Another bite into the arm,
And the liquid of the eye is quite warm,
Hairs laying on the floor,
You can't stop now anymore?
But you are honest, it's suffering now,
Yeah, my red-coloured skin's hanging low,
Burnt by the flame of hell's fire,
It is right that what I desire,
And at the end, what you did best,
You come right through my opened chest.

You kill me. But with that, you'll kill yourself, too!
So consider this, there will be no survivor.

© mastermind05
22.6.06 14:31


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