Joan Of Arc
  WM 2006

   Charlie Rowin
   Bekannter Eisleben
   Liebe und Romantik

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I Remember

I remember birds were flying shiny
Love so tender, world were coloured brightly.
I remember, leaves were falling to your hair,
Spring, no winter, warm and fresh, the windchild's air.

I remember, we were always hand in hand,
Love so tender, had the darkless wonderland.
I remember, living with you heart to heart,
Endless summer, every day a brand new start.

I remember, blue shone from the cloudless sky,
Love so tender, we had never time to die.
I remember, pleasanty and peacefulness,
Meant together, gently touches and caress.

I remember, mountains and the endless sea,
Love so tender, there was only you and me.
I remember, god was smiling to our love,
Grass and flowers, growing to the sky above.

Taken away, forever goodbye,
I forgot myself, unable to fly
now, remaining the memory and finite the time,
I open my eyes and notice:
I'm not died.

© Christoph Wellm

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